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World War II Heritage is a cross-border Interreg IV-A 2 seas project that  aims to ensure the preservation and improve the accessibility of the material and immaterial heritage of the Second World War in the 2 Seas region. The project has ten partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England. The Province of Zeeland is lead partner.

 Historical content

The partners collected memories and personal accounts from interviews with eye-witnesses (oral history). Compilations of these interviews can be found on the website.  Based on these personal stories the book Occupied Coast was written. Physical remains were inventoried. Sites and structures connected to WWII events across the partnership are mapped on the website www.worldwar2heritage.com.


The physical accessibility as well as the access to information and knowledge about several important sites and events representing WWII heritage is improved, including:

 -Modernisation of museum presentations of the Atlantic Wall museum in Raversijde. The site Raversijde includes 60 bunkers and two kilometers of trenches.

-The creation of access paths to Fort des Dunes in Leffrinckoucke. In 1940 the Fort became the headquarters of the 12th motorized Infantry Division during Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk evacuation).

-Developing a memorial center in and around Oranjemolen, Vlissingen.

- Several information displays and billboards on sites around Essex en Suffolk

- Redesigning of Park Toorenvliedt in Middelburg as a memorial area. The park and bunkers are a place to learn about life during WWII. For children it is a place to play as well.

 For children .and youngsters educational programs were developed: one for primary schools and one for secondary schools. The latter includes a webquest (an educative instrument based on the web). Both programs can be found on this website. The webquest can also be found on www.sporenww2.nl.


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