Remembrance and commemoration

Memorial events commemorating the Second World War involve, in large part, celebrations of the anniversaries of major battles which marked the allied victory over Nazi Germany. In particular, 6 June for the Normandy Landings and 8 May for VE Day, as well as events held to mark local military operations. (The Battle of Escaut, The Battle of Britain, Operation Dynamo for partners of the WWII Heritage project)

Other important commemorations mark some of the major events during the War, such as deportation, mass slaughter and extermination of Jews, homosexuals and travellers, or massacres and assassinations of civilians and resistance members.

During major anniversaries held every 10 and 25 years, celebration events are organised, often involving political representatives and important State civil servants.

Some towns and villages organise their own events to commemorate the Liberation, with their own celebrations (processions of period cars, concerts, military marches, etc.) on the anniversary dates.

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