WN Hindenburg

Back Evendijk West en Doornhaagstraat, Zeebrugge

Here you can see a defensive fighting position built in 1944. Research shows that it was a company command post. In the centre is the command bunker, containing two separate rooms. The personnel bunkers are to the left and right of the command bunker. There are still roof tiles in place on these bunkers, which served as camouflage. One of the personnel bunkers also served as a nursing station. If you look behind you, you will see another remarkable bunker on the other side of the road. Bricks were painted on the walls as camouflage. If you look into the grassland, you can see two other brick structures, which served as anti-aircraft machine gun positions. Finally, there is also an observation post here, but it is behind the farm. It was an observation post for Blankenberge.

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