Fortress of Mimoyecques

Back D249, 62250 Landrethun-le-Nord

Base for a V3 launching canon, now a museum and a memorial.

This launch pad for V3 missiles went by the code names Wiese ("prairie") and Bauvorhaben 711 ("building project 711"), because building started in September 1943.

This fortress was to house five V3 cannons, with a series of tunnels. The main target was London, the aim being to fire 600 missiles an hour.

The Allied Forces were completely ignorant of the V3 project. Thinking it was a V2 launch pad, they bombed the site as from autumn 1943. Building was fully halted in August 1944. On 5 September 1944, the Canadian 3rd Infantry Brigade took control of the site.

According to Winston Churchill, this base could have launched "the most devastating attack of all" had it ever served its purpose.

He thus ordered its partial destruction, to make sure it would not be used again.

The fortress has been a museum since 1984.

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