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Library dedicated to the American 8th Air Force 2nd Air Division.

During the Second World War, the east of England was subject to what was known as ‘the friendly invasion’, as thousands of American servicemen came to the region. The majority of these troops were from the 8th Air Force, America’s heavy bombing force, which rapidly established itself in over seventy airfields.

Working together with the Royal Air Force, the 8th Air Force undertook the strategic bombing of Germany and occupied Europe. This bombing campaign was intended to destroy the heavy industry and communication network of Germany in order to reduce their wartime economy. The British bombed at night, while the Americans bombed by day.

The 2nd Air Division was one of three Divisions of the 8th Air Force and its airfields were chiefly in Norfolk. After the war, in order to commemorate the strong links between the county and the 2nd, and also to remember the nearly 7000 dead of the Division, the Memorial Library was established in Norwich, which is now housed in the City’s Forum building. The library is a living memorial to the Division and contains over 4000 books on American Studies and a special collection on the 2nd Air Division.

The library’s website is: http://www.2ndair.org.uk/

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