V2 Crater Site

Back Shotesham, Norfolk

Crater of V2 Rocket fired in 1944.

This unusual site marks the place where at V2 rocket landed at 09.25 on 6th October 1944. The rocket was fired by Lehr and Versuchs Artillerie Batterie 444 from Rijs in the Netherlands, one of nearly thirty that were fired towards East Anglia in September and October during and after Operation Market Garden. The V2 caused no casualties, but damaged over forty buildings, including the nearby parish church. The local schoolchildren were given the day off school.

The crater can clearly be seen and lies off the footpath behind the church and is marked by a small interpretation board. This is an unusual monument to the Second World War, but a reminder that even towards the end of the war in Europe international events could still be felt in the quiet of the Norfolk countryside.

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