Bombing Decoy

Back Wormegay, Norfolk

The isolated marshland around Wormegay in west Norfolk is the site of a decoy airfield, built to draw German bombers away from genuine targets, in this case the RAF airfields at Marham and Downham Market.

Wormegay was a ‘Q’ site, which were for use at night and involved the creation of a false airfield runway by the use of lights and flares. ‘Q’ Sites were also given a form of searchlight, known as a ‘Scarecrow’ that gave the impression that aircraft were taking off.

The surviving building at Wormegay is a Combined Field Control Room and Generator House, which would have created a false airfield to the north. The building consists of a crew shelter and generator building, with the remains of a blast wall at the entrance. Originally, at least part of this building would have been covered with earth, since removed.

This was one of three decoys in the area; the others were sited at South Acre and Swaffham.

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