Anti-Tank Ditch

Back Sparrow Gap, Top of Cliffs, Sheringham Park, Norfolk

Short remaining section of anti-tank ditch, dug to prevents vehicles exiting a shallow depression in the cliffs between Sheringham and Weybourne.

Surviving sections of anti-tank ditch are rare in Norfolk and so the short stretch of ditch on the coastline between Sheringham and Weybourne is of some importance; albeit that the sea will probably remove it in the near future. Originally, this section of ditch stood a little inland from the Weybourne beach and formed a ‘U’ shape that cut off the depression known as Sparrow Gap that marked a break in the cliffs and where it was possible to drive tanks and other vehicles off the beach and onto land. The ditch was covered with defensive fire from numerous pillboxes (many of which are also included in this inventory), and was originally accompanied by barbed wire, scaffolding and minefields. Today, the land is owned by the National Trust estate at Sheringham and is accessible by the general public.

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