Pair of Pillboxes

Back Weybourne, Norfolk

Pair of pillboxes defending gap in cliffs at Sparrow Gap and associated with anti-tank ditch.

This pair of pillboxes was built to cover the beach exit at Sparrow Gap, which was also protected by an anti-tank ditch. Together, they are important survivors of the beach defences in this particular location as they would have been the forward positions in 1940-41.

They also provide an example of wartime buildings preserved by adaptation, but in an unsympathetic way.  The best preserved is a Type 24 (an irregular hexagon), with the other converted in 1993 for use as a bird observatory. This latter pillbox was probably a much rarer Type 23, which was more rectangular in shape and was often modified so it could accommodate more than one kind of weapon, in this case probably a machine gun. The conversion gives no hint as to its former use, and the integrity of the structure as an historic building is almost totally lost.

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