Type 24 Infantry pillbox

Back Coast Path between Sheringham and Weybourne, Norfolk

Well-preserved infantry pillbox, once part of more substantial anti-invasion defences.

Weybourne was long thought to be Norfolk’s most vulnerable point in the event of an enemy invasion from the sea and the beach was fortified as far back as the sixteenth century. There is also an old rhyme that runs ‘He who would Old England win must as Weybourne Hoop begin’. This part of the coast was heavily fortified during the First World War and again in the Second. The area around Weybourne and Sheringham is by far the best place in the county to appreciate Second World War coastal defences.

This pillbox is a well-preserved Type 24 (irregular hexagon) with most of its brick shuttering still intact. The grass growing on the roof is a legacy of wartime camouflage, when such technqiues were used to hide the location from German aerial observation. The open field in which it now stands is a little deceptive, however, as originally the pillbox was sited near a since removed hedgerow.

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