Back Oak Wood, Sheringham Park, Sheringham, Norfolk

Infantry pillbox on corner of wood with other anti-invasion defences.

Oak Wood in Sheringham park was used throughout the war as a defensive position. At one corner of the wood is an infantry pillbox that has recently been restored. The quality of the original construction was not high and the building lacks an internal anti-ricochet wall and the embrasures are not ideally suited for the defenders. Slightly to the west of the pillbox is a spigot mortar pedestal and the short stretch of intervening woodbank probably served as some kind of communication trench. A large circular earthwork adjacent to the pillbox marks the site of a First World War pillbox that was removed during the winter of 1939-40 as by that time it had deteriorated to such an extent that it was no longer viable as a fortification. Some months later the invasion crisis led to the construction of a new pillbox of an unusual design, sometimes known as a Type 20a, which was a modified form of a type normally used for a machine gun.

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