Battery Observation Post

Back Dunwich Cliff, Dunwich Heath, Dunwich, Suffolk.

Battery Observation post and generator building of Emergency coastal Defence Battery.

In 1940 and 1941 batteries of coastal artillery were placed at vulnerable points along Britain’s coastline in order to bombard enemy shipping taking part in any invasion attempt. This ‘Emergency Coastal Defence Battery’ programme saw guns taken from ex-Royal Navy vessels scrapped after the First World War and subsequently put into storage, brought back into service. In May 1941 a battery was built on the cliffs at Dunwich comprising two six-inch guns in concrete gun houses. It was operational for nearly two years before the gun and other equipment were moved to Landguard Fort at Felixstowe.

The battery observation post, now known as the lookout, was built onto a work room at the end of the existing row of coastguard cottages and was given an apex roof in order to conceal its true purpose from German reconnaissance. The only other part of the battery to survive is the generator building, complete with exhaust outlets in the walls, specially angled so that any light would not be seen out to sea. Today this building is also used as an observation platform.

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