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Multiday trail from Kapelle to Arnemuiden, 130 km in length. The Liberation Trail runs across Zuid-Beveland and Walcheren, is 130 kilometres long and in large part wheelchair accessible. It is signposted, starting at the railway station in Kapelle, and can be covered in several stages. Short walks that are accessible for people with disabilities have been created from five nursing homes. After leaving Kapelle the trail passes by way of the Western Scheldt to Hoedekenskerke and Baarland and then to Nisse, Nieuwdorp and Arnemuiden via the ‘Zak van Zuid-Beveland’. It continues in the direction of Flushing, then for the most part along the coast to the historic town of Veere via Zoutelande, Westkapelle and Domburg. The last leg takes you past the Veerse Meer to Arnemuiden railway station.

Walking the Liberation Trail in Zeeland
This book is available on order from Koninklijke BDU Uitgeverij.

A great part of this route is wheelchair accessible (70 kilometres).
The Liberation Trail passes through very many places associated with the events of World War II that took place in Zeeland. The Battle of the Scheldt, fought in 1944, was one such major event. The trail is also a tribute to our liberators. Now that the witnesses of World War II are becoming increasingly scarce, the preservation of memorials and commemorative places is becoming more and more important. En route you will see constant reminders of the struggle of that time and come across various war museums. The book contains background information about the region, a description of the trail, maps and an explanation of GPS and Nordic Walking.


Stage 1: Kapelle - Hoedekenskerke (15 km)
Stage 2: Hoedekenskerke - Nisse (17 km)
Stage 3: Nisse - Arnemuiden (22 km)
Stage 4: Arnemuiden - Flushing (17 km)
Stage 5: Flushing - Zoutelande (17 km)
Stage 6: Zoutelande - Vrouwenpolder (24 km)
Stage 7: Vrouwenpolder - Arnemuiden (18 km)

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