Communications bunker Type 618

Back Koudekerkseweg 131a, 4330 AB Middelburg

Communications bunker of type 618, being part of the German headquarters on Toorenvliedt estate 1942-1944 (Widerstandsnest Brunhild). In 2013 the bunker was made accessible to the public.

Around the summer of 1942 the Germans established its headquarters of the Atlantikwall on Walcheren and the Bevelanden in Toorenvliedt. The shelter of the park, the roads and the proximity of Villa 'Vijvervreugd' and castle 'Ter Hooge' made Toorenvliedt a suitable location for the German staff. 

Soon after Toorenvliedt was designated as Widerstandsnest 'Brünhild'. In 1944 about 9000 soldiers were transported from Toorenvliedt. Besides commander (Generalleutnant) Wilhelm Daser, the staff consisted of 13 officers, 131 troops and 35 colleagues. The adjacent 'Vijvervreugd' housed the logistic units of the staff, including the field kitchen. Castle 'Ter Hooge' was set up as officers mess and served as home for the division commander. From this bunker radio, telex and telephone links were maintained on Walcheren and higher bars in Belgium and northern France.

As nerve centre of the Atlantikwall Toorenvliedt was of great strategic importance. In the summer of 1942 also the first, thin-walled bunkers were constructed. The growing Allied air presence in early 1944 made bomb free bunkers on Toorenvliedt necessary; three commando bunkers, a communications bunker and three staff bunkers were constructed. Some bunkers were camouflaged as peaceful farmhouses with a point roof and painted windows.

As of D-day the staff  continuously stayed in the bunkers. After the bombing of the dykes on Walcheren the island was flooded and the headquarters had to be evacuated on 17 October 1944.

After the war, the bunkers were covered by plants and grass. In 2008 the Dutch Foundation Bunkerbehoud and the town of Middelburg recovered the communications bunker and made it accessible to the public in 2013.

Information sign nearby the bunker

Information sign nearby the bunker

Entrance to the type 618 communications bunker at Park Toorenvliedt

Entrance to the type 618 communications bunker at Park Toorenvliedt

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