Bombardment Memorial Middelburg

Back Nieuwe Burg, Middelburg

Abstract, black granite column suggesting a bomb, placed on a black granite pedestal. The monument commemorates the casualties of the bombardment of Middelburg on 17 May 1940.

In 1990 the Stichting Monumenten Walcheren 40-45 commissioned the building of five monuments on the island of Walcheren. Memorials were placed at the four locations of the dyke breakthrough, in Westkapelle, Veere, Vlissingen and Ritthem. The fifth memorial was placed in Middelburg to commemorate the bombing of the city on 17 May 1940.

The monument in Middelburg was designed by the Icelander Sigurdur Gudmundsson. It was placed at the end of the Nieuwe Burg, a new street originating from the post war reconstruction program. The monument was unveiled by HRH Princess Juliana on 17 May 1990.

On the pedestal a plaque with the following text is attached (in Dutch):

Een ‘gestolde herinnering’ aan het Duitse bombardement op 17 mei 1940. Onthuld door H.K.H. prinses Juliana der Nederlanden op 17 mei 1990. Vervaardigd door Sigurdur Gudmundsson. Op initiatief van de stichting monumenten Walcheren 40 – 45.

English translation:

A ‘Solidified Reminder’ from the German bombardment on 17 May 1940. Unveiled by HRH Princess Juliana of the Netherlands on May 17, 1990. Manufactured by Sigurdur Gudmundsson. At initiative of the Monuments Foundation Walcheren 40 - 45.

Note: According to recent studies the Middelburg bombardment was not an air bombardment but an Artillery bombardment/shelling.

Details of the pedestal

Details of the pedestal

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