Fort Ellewoutsdijk

Back Fortweg, Ellewoutsdijk

In World War II the fort fell into German hands and became part of Stützpunkt Große Kurfürst, a military base located in and around Fort Ellewoutsdijk. Today a number of Tobruks can still be seen at the fort. One of them has an upper cover and a spyhole in the side.

Another still has its brackets. And there is also an open position on the Fort, the purpose of which is not known.
The last guns were removed from the Fort in 1918. During World War II the Germans took the Fort back into use. A machine gun bunker was built on the western side of the fortification.
Fort Ellewoutsdijk also served as a prison at the time. What is unusual is that after the war people were held there who were members of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands (NSB). After the war and before the nature conservation organisation Natuurmonumenten acquired control of the Fort it served as a storage facility for Defence. Since 1981 Fort Ellewoutsdijk has been the responsibility of the Association for the Preservation of Nature Reserves in the Netherlands. The fortification is still entirely intact and different casemates are open to the public.


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