Regiments- oder Bataillonsgefechtsstand

Back Moolweg, Burgh-Haamstede

In the Slotbos near Haamstede, clearly visible from Moolweg, there is a large command bunker of the St. 117a type (regimental or battalion command post).

For the greater part of the war there was a force of battalion strength quartered on Schouwen-Duiveland, part of the 743rd regiment of the 719th infantry division. Until 21 October 1942 the second battalion of this division was responsible for the defence of the island, then the first battalion took over these duties.

The bunker formed part of resistance nest 325 H, a position of more than 20 bunkers, including personnel bunkers and ammunition bunkers. Because of its shape and size this command bunker was also known as ‘the whale’. Another term used is ‘wing bunker’. The bunker is freely accessible.

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