War Graves of the Commonwealth, Aardenburg

Back Paardenmarkt, Aardenburg

The General Cemetery of Aardenburg contains 7 war graves of the Second World War.

Seven Commonwealth airmen shot down on 12 May 1944 are buried in the public cemetery in Aardenburg.

On 12 May 1944 British Bomber Command flew bombing raids on the rail network around Leuven. In the course of this mission, involving 126 Lancasters and six Mosquitos, four Lancasters were lost. One of them was shot down over the Netherlands on the way out and all the crewmen are buried in this cemetery. Two other Lancasters came down in Wilsele, probably following a mid-air collision between the two aircraft. There were no survivors and their crewmen are buried in the churchyard in Wilsele. The fourth crashed in Leuven and the crewmen from this Lancaster are buried in the municipal cemetery in Leuven.

Text on ANWB sign by the graves:

During World War II, at about one thirty in the night of Thursday 11 to Friday 12 May 1944, a Royal Air Force bomber crashed in flames near the Elderschans. The crew, three Britons, two Canadians, an Australian and a Briton living in America, lost their lives and are buried here. Their Commander was Derek Warren.


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