War Memorial Breskens

Back Steenoven 1, 4511 BL Breskens

A brick stone memorial in the form of number eleven (11 September 1944, date of bombing), with fragments of glass on a granite map of Breskens, representing the civilians who died during the bombing.

In an attempt to cut off the route of retreating German troops, the Allies carried out an air strike on the port of Breskens on 11 September 1944. During the bombing 183 civilians were killed.

In memory of the victims and the other 33 Breskens residents who died in the Second World War, this memorial was erected in 1994. A document containing the names of the victims is placed in the memorial. The two brick stone walls joined together form the number eleven, referring to the date of the destruction of Breskens on 11 september 1944. The fragments of glass on the map of Breskens depict the victims. Some fragments do touch each other representing members of the same family.

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