Canadian Landing Monument Paulinapolder Biervliet

Back Scheldedijk/Paviljoenweg, Biervliet

The ‘Landing Memorial’ in Biervliet (municipality of Terneuzen) consists of a yellow brickwork memorial wall, to which a bronze relief has been attached showing, for instance, a maple leaf and a tank. It is all placed on a pedestal of granite blocks. A bronze plaque has been built in at the front and rear of the pedestal.

The landing memorial commemorates the landing of the battalion of the ninth brigade of the Highland Light Infantry of Canada at this spot on 9 October 1944. From the Paulina Polder and another landing point at Hoofdplaat the “Canadian liberation trail” ran towards Belgium.

The text on the rear of the memorial with a built-in stone reads:

In honour of the H.L.I. unit of Canada 9th Inf. Brigade October 1944

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