Warmonument Terneuzen

Back Nieuwe Sluis, Buitenhaven, Terneuzen

The war memorial in Terneuzen is a pillar consisting of lumps of granite, with a bronze statue of a fist brandishing a sword on top. A broken chain encircles the pillar. A rectangular memorial stone has been built into the pedestal. The memorial is three metres high.

The text on the built-in plaque in the pedestal reads:

“Those who fell for our freedom”

The stones at the base of the memorial come from the ruins of the Western Lock.
This memorial was erected at the express wish of Queen Wilhelmina following her visit on 14 March 1945 to the place where five public works’ employees, Hoolsema, Groenewegen, De Bert, Verbrugge and Nieuwenhuize, were executed by firing squad. On Mad Tuesday (5 September 1944) they had tried to remove the explosives from the Western Lock. In this attempt the five men were picked up by the occupying forces and shot. On 8 September, amid great interest, they were buried in a collective grave in the public cemetery.
Following liberation a memorial was placed on this grave, on which the deeds of the five men are symbolised by a male figure holding a shield above a lock.
The memorial was unveiled in 1950.


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