Warmonument Goes

Back Grote Markt, Goes

The war memorial in Goes consists of two bronze plaques and a tolling bell. The commemorative plaques have been placed in an arched white stone alcove with ornaments. On the upper plaque a tolling bell can be seen in relief, on the lower the Decoration for Order and Peace, consisting of a helmet, a sword and a palm. There are cast-iron railings in front of the alcove.

The war memorial in Goes is part of the town hall. The lower plaque was added to the memorial in 2004. The memorial was erected for the resistance fighters during the period 1940-1945 and for those who died in action in the Dutch East Indies from 1945 to 1962.

The text on the top plaque reads:
The bell in this tower is tolled in respectful memory of our fellow townspeople who fell in the resistance from 1940 to 1945.
The text on the plaque below it reads:
1945 1962 Dutch East Indies. In memory of those from this municipality who died in action. Remember that they gave their lives during the performance of their duties for the fatherland.

Dutch East Indies Veterans’ Association


Inscription on the memorial pillar

Inscription on the memorial pillar

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