Plaquettes Colijnsplaat

Back Havelaarstraat 36, Colijnsplaat

The war memorial in Colijnsplaat (municipality of Noord-Beveland) consists of three built-in French limestone (Vaurion) commemorative plaques. The middle stone shows in relief a coat of arms, a bridge and a helmet with a cross. Above the stone on the right hangs a helmet. The memorial is 2.40 metres high, 3.5 metres wide and 4.35 metres deep.

Text on plaques from left to right:

In memory of the repulsion of a German assault on the old and new Noord-Beveland district water board lock and this church on 25 November 1944

Below this plaque a commemorative plaque 1945 – 1962 for the servicemen who died in action in the Dutch East Indies.

The plaque in the middle shows the arms of Zeeland and the text: Luctor Et Emergo. In the middle there is an image of a lock, and below this lock an image of a helmet with the chin strap wrapped around a cross.

The plaque on the right has the text: In gratitude for M. Neerhout

Text on the memorial pillar

Text on the memorial pillar

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