War Museum Switchback

Back Oudestad 16, 4501JB Oostburg

When you enter the museum, you are immediately sent back in time. Typical scenes from the ware are visualized and realistically reconstructed. The museum also has an impressive collection of military objects coming from both the occupying forces and the Canadian liberators. Apart from the objects, there are many photographs that illustrate the allied operation of autumn 1944 in which the Canadians fought the German occupier to conquer the Westerschelde estuary.

More than 50 years ago the Canadiens liberated the western part of Zeeuws-Flanders. The debris has long been cleared up and finding remains of the Second World War in Zeeuws-Flanders has become very difficult. The horrible face of the war can now only be seen in the minds and memories of the eldery Zeeuws-Flemish.

In order to prevent this important historical event from falling into oblivion, the war museum ‘Switchback’ opened its doors in May 1995.

The museum is named after the Canadian military operation ‘Switchback’ designed to liberate western-Zeeuws-Flanders.

The Allies were able to recover the harbor city of Antwerp mostly undamaged in September 1944, which was extremely important for their further advance towards Nazi Germany. But the harbor was unusable as long as the Westerschelde estuary was still in German hands.

Weeks of tenacious fighting were needed to break the stiff resitance of the Garman troops.

On 3 November 1944 operation ‘Switchback’ officially came to an end with the surrender of the last German troops under the command of the German general Kurt Eberding.

Website: www.museumswitchback.nl

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