Warmuseum Gdynia

Back Tweede Verkorting 3, 4571 RG Axel

The Gdynia Museum is a private museum founded by Mario Maas. He has been an avid collector of anything to do with World War II from an early young age. The collection is an impressive one and is growing all the time. For example, in the future there will be part of an original Bailey Bridge at the entrance to the museum. The pieces of the bridge can be seen on the left in the overview photo.

The museum is in an appropriate place, that is the heart of the area where fierce fighting took place in September 1944, which after four days was finally decided in favour of the allies. The decisive moment came when the Poles succeeded in erecting a bridge at the Derde Verkorting, called the Gdynia Bridge, the name after which the museum is named.
The barn in which the museum is housed survived the war as the only original Zeeland Flanders barn; all the other barns of this type were razed to the ground by the allies.

Website: www.oorlogsmuseumgdynia.nl

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