The Second World War had a great impact on Zeeland


The World War II Heritage network brings together 10 partners with a diverse background, from museums to local governments and even universities. Each partner's relevance and contribution to the project is described below.

The Second World War had a great impact on Zeeland. The big battles caused a lot of casualties and many soldiers and citizens died at the beginning of 1940 and at the end in 1944. There were extensive damages. The world War II Heritage project gives the possibility to collect, compile and present historical information about how the people in Zeeland lived during the second world war.

We will organize Interviews with 30 people who lived during the Second World War in Zeeland. Sharing their experiences about everyday life during this period and making this information accessible on the website and in a cross-border publication. A complete inventory of the physical remains of WW II will be produced.

Zeeland will contribute to the collection of best practices in WW II heritage management and accessibility. It will develop information and educational materials such as a web quest and will produce new touristic products. Province of Zeeland is lead partner in the World War II Heritage project.

Essex County Council

Essex has a very rich heritage of defences from the Second World War, owing to its position close to the continent, which makes it a potential target for invaders and also a good location for airfields and naval bases. As part of the WW II Heritage project,Essex County Council is surveying and recording defences and investigating the best way in which to manage the most important of them. The Council will also be creating trails linking the best sites as well as engaging in educational work via 'veterans' tea parties' where schoolchildren can meet people who lived through the war and record the stories. The children will als be able to visit defences in their own areas.

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