In schools the children repeat the bombing drills, such as hiding under the wooden desks. In France they must also learn to sing "Maréchal here we come! "In honor of Marshal Petain, head of the French state, and the motto" Work, Family, Fatherland ". Sometimes when a school is damaged, the boys follow morning classes and girls go to school in the afternoon. Notebooks are halved due to lack of school supplies. Distribution of vitamins can sometimes overcome the shortcomings of poor nutrition. Many English and Dutch schools establish distributions of milk for children. Lessons are interrupted by air-raid sirens.

In the 2 seas area there is generally no ideological crackdown of the school, such as curriculum changes or even imprisonment of teachers, unlike other occupied countries such as Poland, where teachers are liquidated. However a large number of Jewish teachers, Freemasons, Communists are dismissed or imprisoned, or even executed. Many principals hide Jewish children and provide education until the end of the war. In the east of France, Alsace was annexed by Germany. This region was not only occupied but also Germanized and "nazified". The school there became a laboratory for the occupant to attempt to transform an entire youth.

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